Mid-Week Post! I saw this on Facebook today and think it fits in perfectly with balancing life.

I will warn you that this post may pull at you and may make you feel a litle guilty. Apparantly the author has gotten a lot of backlash from this post. I am certainly guilty of what she talks about.

As I am getting ready to register my oldest son for kindergarten I realize how fast time goes by. I can’t believe he is about to turn 5, part of me wants him to stay young but I know that it’s time for him to start a new chapter in his life this fall. For me, this post has reminded me that I need to savor the moments I have with him and my younger son because before I know it they will both be grown and I will have all the time in the world for my phone and all that stuff but I will be longing for those moments with them that I may have taken for granted.

So, please know that I’m not trying to make you feel bad. Everyone has a reason for being on their phone that others don’t know about. We shouldn’t judge others because we are not walking in their shoes. I want to find balance between my family and staying connected and I hope you do to.

4 little Fergusons

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Dear Mom On the iPhone,

I see you over there on the bench, messing on your iPhone.  It feels good to relax a little while your kids have fun in the sunshine, doesn’t it?  You are doing a great job with your kids, you work hard, you teach them manners, have them do their chores.

But Momma, let me tell you what you don’t see right now…..

Your little girl is spinning round and round, making her dress twirl.  She is such a little beauty queen already, the sun shining behind her hair.  She keeps glancing your way to see if you are watching her. 

You aren’t.

Dancing princess

Your little boy keeps shouting, “Mom, MOM watch this!”  I see you acknowledge him, barely glancing his way. 

He sees that too.  His shoulders slump, but only for a moment, as he finds the…

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