Aren’t you being a little extreme?

I have been asked this question before (many times by family members) and I am sure many of my friends have thought this since I started this journey in 2011.  The answer is YES I am being extreme and I have good reasons for being so!

I have always lived in the South and you know how Southerners eat.  I won’t even name some of the dishes I grew up eating because I don’t want to get myself or you off track but let me tell you they were good.  Portion size?  What’s that?  Food has always been where I struggle.  I can remember walking to the drug store near my house when I was younger and getting a couple of candy bars and eating them before I got back home and throwing away the wrappers so no one would know I ate them.  I didn’t drink much water, I drank soft drinks and sweet tea.  I did not have a healthy relationship with food growing up, clean eating was not anywhere on my radar.  I was definitely not into exercising, I did not play any sports growing up.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom cooked dinner most nights but it was more along the lines of fried chicken, rice with gravy and green beans kind of dinners.

When I started eating clean I definitely got extreme.  Food is my weakness, in order to fight that I had and still have to be very diligent on eating clean foods.  It was really hard giving up the soft drinks, chips and sweets.  I started measuring out my portions since I was counting calories and I was shocked to see what a portion was compared to what I was eating.  I didn’t want to eat out unless it was a cheat meal because I knew it would be really hard to make healthy choices outside of my kitchen.  I still struggle with this.  I have been prepping for the past 3 weeks for some pictures I am having taken this week and I have only been out to eat once (and that wasn’t by choice).  I am proud to say that we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and I stayed on track!  Both bowls of chips ended up in front of me (to get them away from my boys) and I didn’t have a single one.  I also resisted the margarita that I always have with Mexican food!  I got chicken fajitas and asked for only the sizzling fajita plate, I didn’t want any more temptations in front of me.

My friends can tell you that I don’t miss a workout.  I have turned down many invitations to do things in order to go to the gym.  I go because I know if I get off track and start missing workouts it can have a snowball affect and before I know it I am that person paying for the gym membership that never gets used.  My gym time is the only time in my day that I can totally focus on me.  My boys are being taken care of and I have that time to myself.  Are there days I don’t want to go?  You better believe it!  I only have 4 hours 2 days per week where both of my boys are in preschool and I can pack a lot into those hours.  I have errands to run and things that need to get done around the house.  Those things come second to my gym time.  I drop them off and go straight to the gym and get what I can get done afterwards.

I am still learning how to balance this part of my life.  It’s hard for me to go out to eat or go out of my comfort zone and stay on track.  I am better that I was when I started but I still have room for improvement.  I know my past and those habits that I still fight on a daily basis.  I have goals for my future and those goals surround fitness.  So if I want to meet those goals I have to stay on track and if that is extreme to you then so be it.


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