Staying on Track While Traveling

As I write this I am at my parent’s house for the Easter weekend. I love coming home and spending time with my family but it’s hard on my nutrition plan. As I mentioned last week, I like to be in control of how my meals are prepared. When you travel you have to give some or all of that up. Going out of town is fun and you should enjoy yourself. On the other hand you don’t want to go back to bad habits that can be hard to break with you get back home. With summer quickly approaching I thought I would tell you what I do when going out of town to stay on track. Hopefully this will help you next time you go out of town to find a balance.

When I pack to go out of town I not only pack my clothes but I pack food. As I was preparing to come this weekend the first thing I did was go through my pantry. I packed a ziplock bag of oatmeal and got my jar of coconut oil to go with the eggs I knew my mom would have so I could have my normal breakfast. I went to a friend’s house once and took everything I would need… eggs, oatmeal, milk, fruit because I didn’t know what she would have. I also have a breakfast maker that I got from Tupperware so I was able to cook my eggs in the microwave and I didn’t have to worry about getting her kitchen dirty! Next thing I packed was my snacks, remember I’ve got to have my snacks! I took the easy route here and packed my Isagenix bars and protein powders and shaker bottle. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Since I have my pictures behind me (can’t wait to share them with you when I get them back!) I am not being as strict on my nutrition. Remember those Southern meals I told you my mom makes? That’s what Easter dinner was yesterday. Did I eat it? I did and it was good! My next meal though I got back on track. Lunch and dinner I am going with what my mom fixes and making healthy choices from what she cooks. This is where discpline comes in because there are lots of temptations in her kitchen. Discpline is also a huge factor when you are traveling and are not able to take food with you. When you are eating in restaurants the entire time you are gone you have to make healthy choices despite all the bad choices. You know you will be rewarded when you make healthy choices because you will feel good after you finish eating. Unhealthy choices are good going down but you are left feeling yucky afterwards.

I am fortunate in that where my parent’s live they have a fitness center that I can go to for free. I am able to do my normal workout routines. I am not a big runner but today I ran. They live near a lake that has a trail you can run so today I ran that trail looking at the beautiful water. If you are a member of a gym, check out their reciprocity policy. Some gyms are members of a network that allows you to workout in other facilities when you are traveling. If getting into a gym is not an option, before you leave do a google search on functional workouts. These are total body workouts you can do anywhere without equipment, you just use your body weight. You can print out several workouts to take with you. My husband and I went to the Dominican Republic last year. When we went I was 5 weeks out from a bikini competition. I was able to do all of my workouts in the resort fitness center but my best workout that week was my functional workout. I got up early and went out to the beach and did it. The scenery was breathtaking and it motivated me even more to push through my workout, which was even harder than usual since I was doing it on sand.

I’ve had fun with my family and done well staying on track. Now it’s time to go home and get back in my groove!



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