Yummy Snack & Recipe Ideas

I have come across some really good articles on healthy snacks that I wanted to share.  I also want to share some cookbooks that I use that have healthy meals that are delicious!

Snack Ideas…

Cookbooks I Like…

  • http://busygirlhealthylife.com/shop/cookbook/  Lori Harder has some of her recipes on her website that you can try.  It’s available in digital or hardcopy.  I cook from this A LOT and my family has loved everything!
  • http://jetsetlife.tv/products/holy-sht-delicious-recipes-fit/  Kim is one of my teammates with Cathy Savage Fitness.  She travels all over the world with her husband which influences many of her recipes.
  • Southern Living… not this is not a typo, remember this kind of cooking is what I grew up on!  They have healthy living recipes that are really good.  They also have a lot of recipes for the grill.  With summer coming up what a great time to cook your meats and vegetables on the grill!  You can even grill fruits for a yummy guilt free dessert!

I hope this can help you get some good ideas for healthy recipes!

On a side note… I have a new website that my blog will now be on jennifermcnaughton.com


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