Not what I planned…

Last week my kids had spring break from pre-school so I was looking forward to a slower pace week, fun times with my boys and some good workouts. That’s not exactly how the week went down.

After I got back to my parent’s house from my workout last Monday, my 4 year old was not acting himself at all. He is normally bouncing off the walls, running around and asking when we are going to do our next activity. Instead I found him sitting and being really quiet and telling me nothing was wrong. About 30 minutes later he had a fever. My 2 year old and husband were just getting over a stomach bug that was going around so I instantly knew what was coming. I ended up getting us packed up immediately and we left to come home. Poor boy got sick right as I was turning onto the interstate. Thanks to baby wipes I keep in my car and our clothes from traveling I was able to get him and the car cleaned up so we could get back on our way home. As a mom traveling alone with sick kids, nothing makes you feel worse than your son asking you to come sit in the backseat with him when you are the only person that can drive the car 😦

The bug lingered for the next 2 days so the gym was a no-go Tuesday and Wednesday (I will say my Monday leg workout was killer though because I was sore until Thursday from it!). He was acting fine for the most part and doing lots of playing (the weather was beautiful!) but his stomach still wasn’t quite right. I felt more comfortable keeping him close to home. While all this was going on my nose started running like crazy. By Thursday my little guy was good to go and I got a good workout in but by Friday morning I wasn’t feeling it. I have a problem of not listening to my body when it is telling me to slow down so I usually end up making whatever minor symptoms I have way worse by not resting. I ended up going to the gym and getting my weights done Friday morning but I decided to do some light steady state cardio instead of the HIIT (high intensity interval training) I was going to do. I did however come home and rest and got a workout in on Saturday.

So now it is a new week and time to get back into our school routine for the next two months. After not getting my regular workouts in I am so ready and motivated to kill every workout this week. We all have those weeks where things don’t go like we had hoped and obstacles pop up to get us off track. The question is what are you going to do when you get across the hurdle? You get back up and sprint down the track, I’ll be in the lane right next to you! Have a great week!


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