My Biggest Fan

Who is your biggest fan?  The person that is going to encourage you no matter what crazy idea or goal you decide to pursue?  My biggest fan is my husband, Sloan, and today we are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary!  Sloan has my back no matter what I am doing and I cannot tell you how much that means to me and how it encourages me to do my best.

When I started this journey to a healthier life over 2 years ago he was right there cheering me on.  Telling me I could do it when all I wanted was to eat something that I wanted but did not need.  He takes care of the kids when I have to go to the gym on the weekends.  I like to keep my workouts to Monday-Friday but there are times (like yesterday!) that I have to go on the weekends and he makes that possible.  When I told him I wanted to compete in a bikini competition I think he had more confidence in me than I did.  He put up with my extreme ways when I was in the midst of fighting all my bad eating habits and when I was insistent on going to the gym when we went on a family vacation.  He has been with me at my competitions cheering me on in the audience.

Now that my goals have changed he is still right there at my side.  When I told him I wanted to have pictures made he supported me through the prep and even helped me put my tan on the night before and morning of even though he was so sick with a stomach bug.  When I told him I wanted to start my blog he was excited for me and listens to me read it to him every week when I am editing it.  He is a personal trainer and has told his clients about me and shown them my transformation pictures to show them that I did it and they can too.  I can’t tell you how that makes me feel to know that he is using me as an example of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

So now here we are on our 7th anniversary and there will be no romantic dinner for us tonight because I am in day 2 of a 7 day detox and fuel program that I started yesterday.  He has not complained one time although we have gotten some good laughs at my expense.  Last night his parents were in town and they took us and the boys out to dinner and I took my shake that was on my plan, no Outback for me.  He did not pressure me one bit to ditch my program and enjoy a delicious dinner.  Don’t think he is getting the raw end of the deal here, we have plans coming up that do not involve workouts, meal plans or food journals!

So today I want to say happy anniversary to my amazing husband!  I hope that you also have someone in your life that is going to have your back and encourage you no matter what goals you have.  And if you don’t, you never know where you will meet them… we met through friends and few months later met again and the rest is history!



One thought on “My Biggest Fan

  1. Love reading your blog posts! Honestly, it is one of the very few that I read from beginning to end. I started a blog several months ago, but it requires a lot more attention than I anticipated. I’m so proud and happy for you for pursuing and now incorporating these ventures into your everyday life. You are a true inspiration to me and I love you lots. (Should have told you before now!) xoxo

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