Spring Cleaning!

This week I did some spring cleaning on myself.  I have heard a lot about cleanses but never done one.  The coaches at Cathy Savage Fitness (the team I train through) put together a 7 day detox and fuel program.  I am always up to try something new so I decided why not.  I like to challenge myself!

In the past when I have heard someone say they were doing a cleanse I thought to myself, why would you do that?  When I think of cleanse I think of the intestinal kind if you know what I mean and I have no desire to do one of those.  The difference with the program that I did is that it is a cellular cleanse.  I used Isagenix products that are all natural and organic.  Their products clean all the toxins out of your cells.

So what was it all about??  The program was set up for 5 days of shakes, drinks and food and 2 days of shakes and drinks.  On the 5 days you have food you also do your normal workouts.  I was a little concerned about this part because I eat a big breakfast to get me through my workouts and when I am finished, everything I have had to eat has been burned.  My meals before my workouts this week consisted of protein drinks and an energy drink (I never drink energy drinks, these did not make me jittery or make my heart race).  I can honestly say that I was able to do all of my workouts this week at the same intensity level as normal.  I did not cut corners anywhere.  All of my shakes and meals were 2-3 hours apart and my body definitely let me know when time was coming to eat again.  The first liquid day was not bad, it was on a Monday which is a busy day anyway so I really didn’t have time to think about it.  Day 7 was the second liquid day and this was harder.  I think my mind was definitely trying to get the best of me because all I could think about was food all day and I think that made me even more hungry.

I ended up losing 7 pounds over the 7 days.  I accomplished what I set out to do which was lose the bloat I have not been able to get rid of.  Do I recommend this type of cleanse?  I do, to me it was safe and I was able to carry on my regular routines without any loss in energy.  My plan now is to maintain my weight loss!

Pre Cleanse Post Cleanse


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