Momma Needed a Break!

This past week I took a break! My husband and I went to Jamaica for 7 days for complete rest and relaxation. No workout clothes, no tennis shoes, no food journal and no meal plans made it into our luggage!

We take a trip every year around this time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We’ve only missed 2 years and that is because I was pregnant those years. Our wonderful parents keep our kids and we go to adult only, all inclusive resorts. My philosophy is if my kids aren’t going, I don’t want yours there either! The past 2 trips I have exercised and watched what I ate. Two years ago I was just a few months into my journey and I didn’t want to lose too much momentum. Last year I was prepping for a bikini competition which was 4 weeks after I got back. I was also going to Camp Savage and going to meet Cathy “Mama” Savage for the first time. She does a personal assessment and I wanted to put forth my best effort. I will say that any weight I have put on during these trips I have been able to lose easily after being home for a week and getting back into my routine. It usually comes from holding water due to travel and sodium and alcohol. I’m not saying that I ate perfectly on these trips but I did indulge but did not go crazy and throw everything I knew out the window.

This year I decided to throw caution to the wind and see how I could do when making my own choices. The good thing about traveling to the Caribbean is the food is fresh, not processed and lots of healthy options available. Am I saying that I did not indulge, no… I had the four course dinners that included desserts and my share of alcoholic beverages. I thought about taking a 8am yoga class on the beach but decided to sleep in. This is the one week of the year that we can sleep in and move about at our pace and not the pace of our boys. It’s all about balance, I have plenty of time to work out and go to yoga at home.

Now we are back home and getting back into our daily routines. As much as I love going on vacation, by the time it is over I am ready to get back home to my boys and my routine. For some reason when I get back I always want chicken and vegetables for dinner! This week I’m back in the gym, cooking my clean meals and hanging out with my boys with a renewed energy 🙂

Jamaica, May 2013


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