What’s to eat?

It’s summer time and my favorite time of the year for eating!  If you are new to eating healthy or want to try it, now is the best time!  Here are a few of my favorite things about eating in the summer…Grilling!!  It is so easy to eat healthy when you are grilling.  You can take any kind of meat (beef, chicken, shrimp, fish and pork are the ones I cook most often) and marinade it in whatever you are craving.  There are so many choices to pick from and there are even more homemade sauces you can make.  Don’t limit yourself to the marinade section in the store, salad dressing makes a great marinade too.  My favorite is BBQ sauce that I make myself.  My husband is a teriyaki fan.  Dale’s Seasoning (I buy the low sodium) is great on steaks, chicken and pork.  I think my absolute favorite meal on the grill is BBQ chicken kabobs.  I put chicken, whole mushrooms, green peppers and onion on my skewers with BBQ sauce.  Serve it with brown rice on the side and you have a delicious, healthy dinner!  Another added bonus to grilling is there is no clean up!

Fruits & Vegetables!!  This year we are participating in the Springs Farm (Fort Mill, SC) CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and I just picked up my first basket of the season.  If you have this in your area I highly recommend trying it.  For a flat fee I go to the farm for 14 weeks and pick up a basket of fresh produce.  You get whatever is fresh that week and everything is grown in the Springs Farms.  Today I got peaches, strawberries, zucchini, squash, cabbage, green onions and cucumbers.  I tasted a strawberry (these are grown across the street from my neighborhood!) when I was washing them off and it tasted a million times better than any strawberry I have gotten from the grocery store.  It really is true that local produce tastes so much better.  If you don’t believe me, go to your local farmer’s market and buy a few things you normally buy in the grocery store and taste the difference!  A great way to prepare your vegetables is on the grill.  Toss them in olive oil and seasonings or even an oil based salad dressing, put them in a grilling basket or wrap it in aluminum foil and cook them at the same time as your meats.  Did you know you can grill peaches?!

I am now off to grill tonight’s dinner of BBQ pork chops and grilled veggies (squash, zucchini, green onions tossed in Italian dressing).  My boys were wanting a peach from the time we got our basket so dessert will definitely be peaches!

Week #1 of CSA


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