Under Pressure

So, this past weekend didn’t really go as planned…

This is what was supposed to happen… My dad, husband and I have been planning on going to the Clemson vs. UGA game since they announced our two teams would be playing.  My family is huge Clemson fans (I graduated in ’99, my dad graduated in ’69, I grew up going to the games and we had the Clemson Tiger at our wedding reception) and my husband is a big UGA fan (although he pulls for Clemson also as long as we are not playing each other!).  Our plans included letting our boys pick between wearing their Clemson or Georgia shirts Saturday with no influence from us, going to watch ESPN Game Day on campus, tailgating and my dad, husband and I going into the game to see who would get bragging rights for the year.  Out of that my husband and I tailgated and went to the game.

Clemson vs. UGA

Clemson vs. UGA

What actually happened… Wednesday I talked to my dad and he said he was having a lot of back pain and asked what he should do.  That evening my mom called and said my dad was just taken to the hospital because his back hurt so bad he could not get off the floor.  Needless to say my dad ended up being admitted to the hospital and is still there today.  He was diagnosed with an infection that attacked his spine.  Good news is the infection has cleared up.  Bad news is being in the bed has affected his mobility and he is still having back pain.  Before you think that I am a bad person, my dad encouraged us to go to the game Saturday night.  The game was actually perfect medicine for him.  He watched the whole game (the longest he had stayed awake and alert at that point) and interacted with the TV (normally it would be cheering or yelling depending on the play).

Daddy & Jack

Daddy & Jack

So when you are living a clean eating and exercise lifestyle how do you handle these valleys we all experience in life without wiping out hard work and/or reverting to bad habits?  When I was packing to go Wednesday night in addition to the normal things you take on a trip I was packing food.  I grabbed several Isagenix bars and shake packs (these are meal replacements, nothing can be more convenient!), I put some casein in a bag (my last meal of the day before bed), my blender bottle and a big bottle for water.  The good thing about the shakes and bars is I can eat them whenever I am ready.  It is inevitable when you are in a hospital situation that you are going to have to eat out.  As far as eating out, I tried to find deli’s because I knew I could get a good salad.  For dinner one night we went to a Mexican restaurant (my favorite!!) and I got chicken fajitas.  I do not get the tortillas, rice or beans with mine so I just have the chicken and veggies.  Eating Mexican requires some will power to not eat chips (happy to say I was able to resist!) but I did have a margarita!  I had breakfast from the hospital cafeteria one morning because I had stayed with my dad the night before.  I asked for a cheese omelet.  It was more like cheese with a dash of egg instead of the other way around.  It was so gross, I was literally picking egg out of all the cheese.

Cheese Omelet

Cheese “Omelet”

I am now back home and on my schedule.  I was so happy to be able to get back to my normal eating and drinking my normal amounts of water.  I have killed my workouts the past several days, nothing makes me feel better than a good workout!  The key for me staying on track while I was gone was to not give into emotional eating and stick with my shakes, bars and healthy choices when I did eat out.  I knew that since I wasn’t working out I needed to stay as close to plan as I could since I wasn’t burning extra calories.  If you find yourself in a similar situation be sure to eat (we get so wrapped in what is going on that we forget to eat) and try to make healthy choices.  There are so many unhealthy choices out there but stay strong and do the best you can!

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2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Such a great post! I would be the first to get off track with my eating and then blame it on the pressures of whatever situation is happening at the time. The thing that makes what you wrote so relevant, is that we are always going to be thrown into unplanned situations or circumstances (although hopefully not as scary as your recent experience…!). If we don’t learn to adapt or take a minute like you did to plan, we can’t be shocked at the aftermath.

    I would have grabbed a snack or two, but I don’t think I would have thought to pack healthy bars and shakes. So smart and totally doable! What kind/flavor of shake packs and Isagenix bars do you like? So thankful Uncle George is getting better. Love you!

    • Hey Mary Gwinn! My favorite Isagenix bar flavors are Chocolate Peanut Crunch and Chocolate Cream Crisp. I like IsaLean Shake in Creamy French Vanilla (add a tablespoon of walnut or almond oil for some good fat). Let me know if you want to try some of the products! So glad I got to see you Saturday!! Xoxo

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