Why do I need protein?

I asked my friend, Julie (aka Fittabulous) to write a guest blog.  I met Julie at the gym several years ago and we have been motivating each other since!



So one of my fitness enthusiasts friends asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog.  At first I was like oh yeah, like I really have anything to say that anyone else wants to hear?!?!  Then I was ecstatic that she would pick me to be a guest. Now the fun starts. I will try to keep it short and not ramble on and get off track.

Let me just start off by first saying that I am a fitness freak. In a nut shell, fitness is my drug of choice. The addiction is so bad that my boyfriend has to insist that I take days off.  I am also a bit of an obsessive compulsive type person. When I do something, I go all out. This past January, my boyfriend and I decided that come March 1st we would see just what our bodies were capable of. We have always worked out really hard and pushed ourselves to the limits but this time was going to be different.

Starting with our diets, if you want to call it that, I personally prefer to call it a lifestyle. I downloaded a calorie counter app and began to track all of my calories in and calories out.  My OCD took hold of this and ran with it. The competition was on, trying to beat the calories in and out everyday was so encouraging and exciting for me. Food became extremely clean as if it was competition time or close to it, (competition for the stage that is). First things first, NO alcohol. Yep that’s right, we cut it out completely!  For those of you who don’t know this, keep this in mind. Alcohol not only slows your metabolism but it also turns to sugar which goes straight to belly fat. As for my food, this is how it looked; Meal one: Protein shake with oatmeal and some additives. Meal two: Protein shake after our workout. Meal three: vegetables and a small sweet potato. Meal four: apple and a scant handful of nuts. Meal five: vegetables/salad. Meal six: protein shake.

After a month the disappointment set in. Could not even imagine why my body had made no changes!  My boyfriend was making great strides and seeing results, but not me. What was wrong with me?  So now the search was on for the problem and the cure on my, lets just say plateau.  With my app of all my food history and workouts in hand I started asking questions.  I found trainers and nutritionist that I have known for years and some not so many years, but could tell they really knew what they were doing just by the way their own physiques looked. Showed my diary to them with tears in my eyes asking for their honest opinions. When I say honest, I mean honest!  Not sure if you all noticed the one thing missing from my meals?  PROTEIN!  All the trainers and nutritionists that I spoke with told me the same thing.  My body needed more animal protein for the amount of stress that I was putting on it. Our body’s are amazing machines that are fine tuned by the fuel that we put into them. My boyfriend’s favorite quote: “Eat Clean To Remain Lean”.  Now this was going to be very difficult for me, I have been a vegetarian for almost 4 years. How in the world was I going to make this change and be able to choke down meat?!?  The competitive side of me kicked in and I began to bite the bullet. If you only knew how anxious I was at lunch and dinner and sometimes for snacks. Ever heard of chicken jerky?  Well that’s how I had to eat it for the most part. Salmon was drowned in lemon or lime with lots of spices to hide the fishy flavors whether they were there or not. One more month went by and the changes began to become noticeable. Elated!!!

After two months of extremely clean eating my sweet tooth started to emerge. What in the world will replace real ice cream, brownies, cake, cookies, fudge, candy, and the list goes on and on. Now it was time to get creative. Find extremely clean desserts with all natural sugar and protein to satisfy our sweet tooth’s.  Coming up with protein recipes has become another one of my passions. Realizing how important protein is to our body’s, I was on a mission.  Awe yes, success!

I have found some pretty amazing protein recipes that are so good they seem sinful. I am so excited to be able to share one with you all today. This is one of my most favorites and easiest of them all. Protein Ice Cream!  That’s right!  I said it, Protein Ice Cream and it is so good and so healthy for you!  Everyone I tell about this, looks at me like I am crazy!  However, when they try it, they are amazed and act as if they just won the lottery!  Seriously, it is that good and good for you!!!


Protein Ice Cream

Protein Ice Cream

Nutrition Info for Protein Ice Cream

Nutrition Info for Protein Ice Cream

Protein Ice Cream

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 scoop of Protein (I use chocolate but your favorite flavor will work)
  • Blend in blender until smooth and freeze.

Wallah, you have ice cream!  That’s it!  I know it is so easy but listen, do not knock it until you try it!  I have had some complain about it being to sweet.  (Yes, I know, I look at them like they are crazy!)  No problem, just add a little bit of dark chocolate cocoa powder to balance out the sweetness.  Oh my Gosh!  You are going to think you died and went to heaven.  SERIOUSLY!  The other thing that makes it better for me is to pop it in the microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds just to soften it up a touch.  It kind of has the consistency of frozen cool whip.  Sometimes instead of putting it in the freezer, I will put it in the refrigerator and wallah, you have pudding!  To mix things up on occasion, I will put a tablespoon of chia seeds in the pudding.  Makes it kind of like Protein tapioca pudding.

Please try this recipe and let us know what you think!  Hope you all enjoy!  Here’s to Fabulous Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles!!!

Stay Strong My Friends!

Julie (Fittabulous)

Website www.fittabulous.com; Instagram – fittabulous; Twitter – @fittabulous; Pinterest – fittabulous; Facebook/fit.tabulous


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