What’s the plan?

Have you heard the saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”?  When it comes to eating healthy this can’t be more true!  How many times have you stood in your kitchen wondering what to have for dinner, search the fridge and pantry and ended up eating something that was unhealthy whether it be take out or putting together a random meal from what you have.  How do you overcome this obstacle?  Plan!!

Every week I plan all of the meals for the upcoming week.  I use a decorative plate that sits on my kitchen counter to write out our dinner menu.  I go through cook books, ask my family what they would like and see what we have in the freezer/pantry that I can build meals around.  After I’ve assembled our menu I go to the grocery store (I only go once a week, another plus to planning!) and get everything I need.  When dinner times comes each night all I have to do is check my menu to decide what to have knowing I have all the ingredients.

Weekly Menu Plate

Weekly Menu Plate

Eating healthy doesn’t have to involve an elaborate meal.  Let’s face it if you have been at work all day and come home whether it be to an empty house or house full the last thing you probably want to do is stand in the kitchen for 1-2 hours cooking and cleaning.  The easiest meal in my opinion is some type of meat on the grill.  You can put it in marinade in the morning and put it on the grill when you get home (best part being there is minimal clean up!).  Put some vegetables and corn on the grill with it and you have a complete meal.  Since it’s winter and the grill is not always an option, crockpots are great.  Again, you fix your meal earlier in the day and when it’s time for dinner all you have to do is serve it!  One of my go to crock pot meals is roasted chicken.  I buy whole chickens (4-5 pounds) and put them in the freezer.  On the day that we are going to have the chicken, I take it out  the freezer, remove the packaging and put the chicken into my crockpot and cook on high for 6 hours.  You can add any seasoning you like before cooking.  When it is finished it is fall off the bone good!  Another reason why I like this so much is I use the left over chicken for my lunches.

Make a commitment this week to plan a week’s worth of meals. You will find that it is so much easier and takes some of the evening stress away.  There is enough going on in the evenings, the last thing you need to worry about is dinner.  Plan you meals and you will plan to eat healthy!


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