What about you?

I was in Bible study this morning and the subject of taking care of yourself came up.  As I was leaving I realized that it is exactly what the premise of my blog is!  Here’s some more detail…

The study we are doing is on marriage but it applies to any relationship (husband, friends, co-workers, children, etc).  Today two counselors/doctors/pastors from our church’s counseling ministry came to speak.  One of them told a story about his wife (I don’t know how long they have been married but I am guessing 30+ years, they now have two grown daughters but the story took place when their children were young).  At this point in their lives his wife was homeschooling their daughters.  He came into the kitchen on his way out the door to work and asked her to get a sitter for that  night so they could go out to dinner.  He just wanted to talk and spend time with her.  With tears in her eyes she told him she had nothing left to give him.  She was exhausted and completely worn out (this is how she felt in the morning before her day had even really gotten into full swing!)  She was so stretched with being a mom and homeschooling that when it came time to the relationship with her husband she did not have the time or energy for him.  He left for work and turned around half way there and went back home.  He told her that was not good enough, she had to let something go.

What he told us is that it is okay to take time for ourselves.  We should not feel guilty for taking an hour or whatever time to do something for ourselves.  As I was driving away I had a light bulb moment!  Yes!!  This is exactly what my blog is about!  It’s about taking care of yourself mentally and physically so that you can better take care of others.  Our relationships will surely suffer if we give everything away and don’t keep anything for ourselves.

For the moms out there… my Bible study is for young moms.  There were 120+ women in the room this morning, all with pre-school and early elementary age kids, being told by one of our pastors that it is okay to take time away from your kids and do something for themselves.  Nothing to feel guilty about.  For me this is exercising.  What is it for you?


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