Do you remember?

Do you remember when you got the exercise bug?  If you haven’t had that moment, hopefully you will soon and you will never forget it. 

For me it was in March 1999 (I am going to date myself here) when I was a senior in college (Clemson University, Go Tigers!). I was in Myrtle Beach, SC and took Body Pump at Gold’s Gym. I had never really lifted weights before. After that class I hurt in places I never thought I would hurt, I seriously considered going to the doctor. That is how much I hurt!  I moved to Myrtle Beach after graduation and went to Gold’s regularly and got my desire to exercise.

Gold's Gym, Myrtle Beach, SC

Gold’s Gym, Myrtle Beach, SC

Let me give you some back ground on this gym. It is owned by Ted and Nancy Capp. Ted was Mr. South Carolina (Body Building) in 1978, what an inspiration! Nancy is a mother of 4 that works at the gym and works as a nurse and has an amazing body!  I admire their work ethic and how they run their gym. Everyone that walks into that gym no matter their size or shape are treated the same. They get to know all if their members and make you feel special.  Ted and Nancy are both trainers as well as group fitness instructors.

Ted & Nancy Capp

Ted & Nancy Capp

Fast forward to now, many years later. I am still in love with exercise and have taken it up several levels since then. I still think about those days and the impact Ted and Nancy had on me.  Hopefully you have been inspired by someone like I have.  If your time hasn’t come yet, it will and you will never forget the ones that gave you your first push!  Thanks Ted and Nancy for your inspiration!